Competitions and Awards

Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP)
Duke TIP is a 7th Grade Talent Search. Eligibility is based on past performance on standardized testing.  Students meeting the following three eligibility criteria are identified in September of their seventh grade year: Having 95% or above on either the Math or Language Arts total composite on the ITBS scores.  Candidates are identified and invited to complete either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Assessment college entrance examination.  Duke TIP then provides the participants with comparative information concerning their academic abilities and resources for unique educational opportunities.

Florida’s Young Scholar Award
Florida's Young Scholars seeks to reward the contributions and efforts of young people in their pursuit for knowledge and a better world. Through honoring today's outstanding youth, Florida's Young Scholars hopes to empower students to make a difference in our society and inspire them to achieve.  These awards are given to student in grades 3rd through 8th and the students are nominated by their homeroom teachers.  St. Bonaventure criteria for nomination is:  Student must be on the A/B honor roll and must have an “A” in either Math or Language Arts, student has participated in community service, and must have an outstanding in conduct.

Honor Roll
These students have maintained an A/B average in their core subjects throughout the year, with a G or better in conduct and effort. This award is given to students in grades 4th through 8th.

Principal’s Honor Roll
These students have maintained an A average in their core subjects throughout the year with a G or better in conduct and effort.  This award is given to students in grades 4th through 8th.

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement
This award is given to students who have shown outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment, or intellectual development in their academic subjects during their elementary school years.

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence
This award is given to students in 5th and 8th grades who have achieved an 93 total score in either Math or Language Arts on ITBS testing and has achieved a 93 grade point average in the core subject areas throughout elementary and middle school.

Catholic Sportsmanship
This is awarded to 1 male team member and 1 female team member that exhibits Christ-like behavior leadership qualities and all around good sportsmanship.

Citizenship Award
This is awarded to one student per class who exhibits leadership qualities, exemplary behavior, excellent academics, and all around involvement in extracurricular activities.

Catholic Leadership Award

This is awarded to one student per class who interacts well with others in a Christ-like manner and exemplifies the “Catholic School Student” in all ways.

Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle is awarded to exemplary students who set an example for others to follow in their actions in the home, the school, or the community. They excel in one or more of these areas:  academics, community service, citizenship, fine arts, athletics, students activities, perseverance, effort, dedication, commitment to positive goals, improvement in performance, and attitude.

Student of the Month
Davie Police Department recognizes students that commit themselves to being good citizens in school and in the community.  St. Bonaventure students are recognized for this award on a monthly basis.  Teachers and or staff members nominate students in grade Kindergarten through 8th.

Junior National Young Leaders
Junior National Young Leaders Conference seeks to identify scholars who have a history of academic achievement, demonstrate leadership potential and maturity.  Sixth grade students are participants to the Junior National Young Leaders.

Honor’s Breakfast
This breakfast is provided each trimester for those students who have received 1st Honors during that trimester.

Algebra/Geometry at St. Thomas High School and Archbishop McCarthy High School
St. Bonaventure Catholic School is honored to have several students that qualify to take advanced placement Math classes at our participating Catholic High School.  Students from both 7th grade and 8th grade that qualify based on the strict criteria may participate in taking both Algebra 1 and Geometry classes.  This allows the students to be in advanced placement classes entering High School.

McCarthy High School Academic Competition
Students from the 8th grade class are invited to participate in the annual Academic Olympics held in late January.  This is the opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge in specific subject areas.  Two students are sent for the following subject areas:  English, Mathematics, Religion, Social Studies, Computer, Art, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School Mathematics Completion

This Mathematics completion consists of two teams. Team "A' consisting of 8th graders and Team "B" consisting of 7th graders.  These students compete individually and as a team against other Math Teams from the Catholic Schools across the Archdioceses of Miami. Students are selected by our Math department to represent St. Bonaventure Catholic School. Preparation is intense and takes place over a trimester period.